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Take aim & shoot!

A kingdom in danger, a mighty, evil king, and his forces. A princess in exile, the only hope of her people. The creators of Frozen Pop and Princess Pop invite you to a magical adventure as you help Princess Alice reclaim what’s rightfully hers, and save her people from the whims of a mad king.

Raise, care for, and help Princess Alice as she fights the forces of evil to reclaim her kingdom, her birthright, and her mother.

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Friends & Foes

Princess Alice

Young, impressionable, and indubitably powerful, Princess Alice is your protege, your ward, and for all intents and purposes, your child.
It falls upon you to raise her, care for her, and help her through the trials that come her way, so that she may grow in power and grace, and retake what’s rightfully hers.


The protector of the fairies, this bird is an immortal creature tasked with looking after the children of the royal line. His job is to watch over the princess as her ward gets her ready for her return to the kingdom of Faerya.

The Ancient Tree

The ancient tree has existed since time immemorial. Its voice changes, its face changes, but its purpose remains steadfast. It is the center of Faerya, and the source of all magic. Her task is to see that the throne of Faerya never falls into undeserving hands, To this end, she lends her special powers to Alice.

Queen Felicity

The erstwhile queen, who has fallen to the machinations of the evil king. As Alice’s mother, her captivity is the driving force behind Alice’s determination.
Kind, yet stern. Powerful, yet wise. She is the epitome of what royalty aspires to be.

King Jeffrey

Evil, mad, and crafty. The word ‘treacherous’ doesn’t even begin to describe this rotund - yet powerful - man.
He has forcefully taken the throne from Queen Felicity, and is currently on a quest to capture Princess Alice, so all members of the royal family no longer pose a threat to him.
To this end, he has sent his trusted generals far and wide to search for and capture the princess. Little does he know, he might have underestimated the princes a bit too much.

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  • Cute, cuter and the cutest monsterlings! Loved the pink and yellow monsterlings the most. When they fly down as I rescue them, it is a heroic feeling. It’s so easy to play and makes me feel so happy. I play it every day before going to sleep. Best Game till date!
  • This is definitely my goto game. I play this game everyday. The best part I like about this game is that it’s free to play. Levels are very easy and slowly become more and more interesting and challenging. The cute monsterlings look so cool and I love to see them dance. Wonderful game!
  • Amazing Game! You wouldn’t think of leaving your phone down. Try it and you won’t regret your decision. Ever since I discovered this game it has become my favorite so far. Thanks for all the fun, it’s an addiction!